News / May 1999

TUCOWS Interactive Limited places in the Top 10 of the Profit 100 Second Year in a row

May 27, 1999 ??ì Toronto ??ì TUCOWS Interactive Limited yesterday placed third in the 1999 Profit 100 list of the fastest-growing companies in Canada up from a ranking of seventh in the previous year. The company also received special recognition as the fastest-growing company in Toronto. TUCOWS Interactive Limited was the parent company of Internet Direct, before the ISP division merged with I.D. Internet Direct Ltd. in Vancouver in January 1999.

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TUCOWS Acquired by Steinmetz Technology Holding International

New Company to be formed

TORONTO, CANADA — May 27, 1999 — TUCOWS Interactive Limited announced today that the majority of the company has been acquired by B. Steinmetz Technology Holding International (STHI), a private financial investment company. Under the agreement, STHI, through Inc., has acquired all of the TUCOWS assets and businesses. Additional investors in the acquisition include representatives from the Arison Group, including Bank Hapoalim, Eurocom, F.I.B.I. Investments, and XDL, a Toronto-based venture capital fund.

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