News / November 1999

TUCOWS announces an industry first: Windows 2000 software for download

November 8, 1999 ??ì Toronto ??ì Inc. is pleased to announce it is the first in the industry to offer Windows 2000 software for download. Located at, the Windows 2000 section already offers over 1500 programs. A team of reviewers at TUCOWS ensures that all software on the site Windows 2000 compatible and performance rated using the well-known TUCOWS five-cow rating system.

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TUCOWS announces the one-stop web-building software site for all users: HTMLStuff

November 3, 1999 ??ì Toronto ??ì Inc. is pleased to announce the latest addition to its network of software download sites:HTMLStuff This complete, easy to use software library offers the full spectrum of tools needed to build a web site for all users, beginner to advanced. HTMLStuff contains programs from MS Windows, Linux, Apple, and BeOS along with tips, tutorials and full, detailed software reviews making the site the premier online resource for web-building today.

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