News / January 2000 Launches Industry’s First Hot List of Most Downloard Linux Software

Corel Tops Red Hat with 37 Per Cent of Total Linux Downloads for December 1999

TORONTO, Canada, January 27, 2000 ??ì Inc. (, the Internet???s leading distributor of digital content, today announced the industry???s first monthly metric that identifies the most popular downloaded Linux software on the company???s site. According to TUCOWS??? December figures, Corel attained the highest percentage of downloads at 37 per cent, with Red Hat holding firm in second position at 20 per cent and Debian trailing in third place with 11 per cent. Other companies recording downloads included: Mandrake nine per cent; SuSE seven per cent; Slackware six per cent; and, Caldera six per cent. The above data relates to completely new distributions, rather than users updating existing distributions.

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OpenSRS Continues Rapid Growth as World’s Largest Domain Name Wholesaler

Over 600 Registration Service Providers Sign-up Domains with TUCOWS??? Wholesale Domain Service in 90 Days

TORONTO, CANADA ??ì January 19, 2000 ??ì Inc. (, the industry???s largest domain name wholesaler, today announced that in three months the company has registered over 600 Registration Service Providers to its OpenSRS Domain Registration System (OpenSRS at, over double that of its nearest competitors, CORE and Network Solutions (NSADAQ:NSOL). Launched by TUCOWS this past October, OpenSRS is an open-source client server system that can be integrated into the backend infrastructure of registration service providers, which include Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Web hosting companies and value-added resellers (VARs). The registration application allows for real time and seamless registration of their customers??? domain names.

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TUCOWS Slashes its Price for OpenSRS Domain Registration

One-year Price Discount Provides Savings of Over 70 Per Cent Compared to Network Solutions (NASDAQ:NSOL) and

TORONTO, CANADA ??ì January 5, 2000 ??ì Inc. (, the industry???s largest domain name wholesaler, today announced that effective January 15, 2000 it will reduce its annual domain registration fee from (U.S.) $13 to $10 through the company???s recently launched Open Shared Registration System (OpenSRS at The price cut provides authorized Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Web hosting firms and value added resellers (VARs) the industry???s most cost-effective and easy-to-use wholesale domain registration service ??ì the only service without costly sign-up fees.

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