News / June 2000 Announces a New Proactive Channel for Software Updates

Fixlet Technology Automatically Targets Updates to the Appropriate Users without Violating their Privacy

Toronto, Canada, June 07, 2000 —, Inc., one of the Internet???s leading distributors of digital content, today debuts an innovative service to automate the delivery of software and updates. Subscribers to this free service receive instant notification when there is an update to software that is currently installed on their PC, or when security and bug patches are released for their configuration. With minimal user input and without any invasion of privacy, individual and corporate subscribers to the service can keep their computer current and secure without the need to continuously scour the Internet for updates and bug fixes. In a true technological coup, the service provides these updates without sending any information out of the user???s PC. Under no circumstances will users??? privacy or security be compromised.
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PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) Download Site To Offer Applications For RIM 850, RIM 950 and RIM 957 Wireless Handhelds

Toronto, Canada, June 6, 2000 ??ì Inc., a leading distributor of software on the Internet, announced today that it will distribute software on its Tucows PDA site to support devices made by Research In Motion Limited (Nasdaq: RIMM; TSE: RIM). Specifically, Tucows PDA will feature applications for the pager-sized RIM 850 Wireless Handheld and RIM 950 Wireless Handheld and the newer palm-sized RIM 957 Wireless Handheld.
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